Leadership and Volunteer Opportunities

PRDPF! is dependent upon two types of volunteers. The first type of volunteer takes on a leadership role. The leader is already a leader in corporate or government life. He or she will lead small teams to move the organization forward to the next stage of its development. All positions posted on this page are leadership roles.   Potential leaders could be retired or be working in a full  or part time day job. The leader must be willing to devote at least 5 hours of  time per week  to PRDPF!  The leader must have a track record of building organizations.

The other type of role is that of the Volunteer. Many people are interested in volunteering on short term projects. Volunteers are expected to work in team settings virtually, and to be able to work with the leaders to fulfill the goals of short term projects.

If you would like to be considered for leadership roles as shown on this page, please review the requirements carefully and then submit your CV or a resume, and a cover letter detailing why you are interested in the role. Send your details to Dr. Speid at LSPEID@PRDPF.ORG with Leadership roles in the subject line.

  • Pharmacy Student Patient Liaison Volunteers
    Putting Rare Diseases Patients First! organization provides a unique opportunity for those wanting to serve patients with rare diseases. Because it will be important to expend significant amounts of time training volunteers to represent PRDPF!
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  • Public Relations Associate
    The Public Relations Associate must come from a PR background. The Putting Rare Diseases Patients First! organization is providing a unique opportunity for patients with rare diseases to be empowered.
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  • Patient Liaison Volunteers
    These are volunteers who are forging links with patients and patient foundations. They are seeking to spread the word about the Webinars and other ways that patients with rare diseases are being empowered by the information provided by PRDPF!
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